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Cell phone signal blocker with Powerbank

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Most people want to enjoy a peaceful life and don't want to be disturbed after get off work or on weekends. In this case, this 5 Antenna Portable Phone Jammer with jamming WiFi GPS might be a good choice.

This 5 Antenna Portable Cell phone signal blocker has 5 jamming frequency ranges, you must need one. And from another point of view, the total output power is only 1.2W, which is a low-power product and does not waste energy. And according to the signal strength of a certain area, the interference radius can reach 8m, which is enough under normal circumstances. Since it only weighs 150 grams, it is portable so you can easily take it with you. In addition, it can also be used as a power bank, which is very convenient and practical!

Key feature:
1. Small size (101*69*23mm), only weighs 150 grams, easy to carry
2. It is also used as a power bank, with strong practicability
3. Can interfere with 5 frequencies such as GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G, Wifi, GPS, etc.
4. The interference range can reach 8M
5. Each frequency band can be operated individually(switch optional)
6. Total output power: 1.2 W


869-894MHz or 930-960MHz: CDMA or GSM​​​
1805-1990MHz: DCS/PCS
2110-2170MHz: 3G
2400-2500MHz: Wifi
1570-1580MHz: GPS L1