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Optional handheld 6 Antennas phone jammer for sale

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  • PJ-065
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This 6-band portable 4G Cellphone blocker can effectively affect the frequency range of CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G Wimax and WiFi or Lojack. And its interference range can reach 20m, and the signal strength depends on the environment where the device is located.

Once the phone jammer is powered on, it can simultaneously disable all wireless connections on GSM, 3G, 4G, Lojack, or WiFi networks in the area. Additionally, users can choose to allow one or more bands to operate, turning either band on or off without interfering with the operation of the others. And it's portable, making it easier to carry around.

*Note*: This cell phone jammer does not cover the 5G signal that is widely used in some areas. If you need a Handheld 5G jammer, see PJ-16 Portable 5G blocker or PJ-24 5G phone Jammer.


Option 1:
-CDMA/GSM: 850-960MHz
-DCS/PCS: 1805-1990MHz
-3G: 2110-2170MHz
-Wifi: 2400-2500MHz
-4G LTE: 725-770MHz or 790-825MHz
-4G Wimax: 2345-2400MHz or 2620-2690MHz

Option 2:
-CDMA/GSM: 850-960MHz
-DCS/PCS: 1805-1990MHz
-3G: 2110-2170 MHz
-LOJACK: 160MHz - 175MHz
-4G LTE: 725-770MHz or 790-825MHz
-4G Wimax: 2345-2400MHz or 2620-2690MHz

Charging time: about 5 hours
Working time: about 90 minutes
Power supply: with power adapter (AC100-240V-DC12V), 7.4V 4000mA/H battery
Output power: 5.5W
Interference range: up to 20m, the interference radius still depends on the signal strength in a given area
Dimensions: 156x 88 x 46mm (interference body without antenna)
Internal dimensions of the box: 280x260x110mm
Weight: 0.5 kg (interference body with antenna)
Colour: Black

Package Lists:

1 x Portable 4G Jammer
1 x AC Charger
1 x Car Charger
6 x Antennas