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23 Sep. 2022 Andrew

Changwon Hyundai Rotem STX engine equipped with a GPS signal blocker


  • 1. Hyundai Rotem exhibits K2 tank, unmanned vehicle, multi-legged compound drive robot, etc.
  • 2. STX engine, tank, self-propelled artillery and other ground equipment engine and engine VR first experience
  • GPS signal blocker in the Korea Defense Industry Exhibition 2022

    "Korea Defense Industry Exhibition 2022" to be held at KINTEX, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do from the 21st to the 25th

    Defense industry companies such as Hyundai Rotem and STX Engine, located in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, participated in the "DX KOREA 2022" exhibition at KINTEX, Goyang to showcase their technological prowess.

    The Korea Defense Industry Exhibition, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this year, is the largest ground weapons exhibition in Asia and is held every two years by the Korea Army Association. The meeting was attended by 350 companies from 50 countries specializing in ground weapons.

    Hyundai Rotem Changwon Plant, together with Hyundai Motor Group subsidiaries Kia and Hyundai Wia, set up a joint exhibition hall to showcase solutions for enhancing the defense capabilities of ground weapon systems and reducing the number of troops.

    First, K2 tanks and wheeled armored vehicles with advanced protection systems were demonstrated to enhance the protection capabilities of ground weapon systems such as tanks and armored vehicles.

    It is equipped with a hard-kill active protection system that can directly intercept and neutralize threats such as missiles.

    Various models of K2 tanks and wheeled armoured vehicles will also be on display, such as 105mm turret wheeled armoured vehicles and K2 tanks from Poland and the Middle East.

    Hyundai Rotem will showcase a model of a multi-purpose unmanned vehicle equipped with a GPS signal blocker as a future weapon system and a DOSS (Daunted Action in Service and Search) model, a multi-legged complex actuated futuristic ground platform.

    Powered by electricity, DOSS can walk on robot legs or move quickly using wheels, depending on the terrain. Remote and autonomous driving is possible.

    STX Engine, a professional manufacturer of industrial diesel engines, showed the SMV 1360 engine model developed for the performance improvement of the K1A2 tank, and introduced the K9 self-propelled howitzer 1000 horsepower engine.

    With the existing K1 series tanks running for over 40 years, changing the powerplant or improving performance is critical, and STX Engine is developing the engine as a pre-emptive response.

    STX Engine will introduce a general-purpose engine for tracked vehicles and a hybrid engine system under development, and operate a VR (Virtual Reality) experience system.

    The hybrid engine system is a combination of a military equipment diesel engine hybrid system and condition maintenance.

    The VR experience system is a K9 engine independently developed for STX Engine, and the interior of the engine can be freely observed through the head-mounted display.

    Also on display will be the Smart Export Coastal Surveillance Radar (GPS-800K) and Broadband Noise Radar.