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1 Nov. 2022 Andrew

How do GPS signal scramblers intercept tracker signals? Where is it commonly used?

GPS scramblers block the signal transmission and reception of GPS Tracker

I believe everyone is familiar with the term GPS, because each of our smartphones has a GPS function, which can provide us with positioning and navigation functions. Exactly how it works, however, is mostly unclear. Each GPS device functions similarly, using satellites and trilateration to calculate the position of an object as well as its velocity and altitude. And send instant information to GPS device. GPS devices use GPS satellites to calculate the duration and distance of signals transmitted through the device to the satellites to identify the precise location of objects. Typical GPS trackers use GPS technology to track and locate, and they use information from four to five satellites to create accurate real-time navigation or positioning.

It is very necessary to understand how GPS trackers work, because every one of us has the potential to be tracked by tiny GPS trackers, which can be quite dangerous. A GPS scrambler is a jamming device invented to prevent being tracked by a GPS tracker. It can protect your location information. GPS signal blockers work by interfering with signal transmissions from satellites to GPS devices. Signal jammers create jamming patterns through signal transmissions similar to GPS devices, but with less range and more power.

How GPS Jammers Work?

GPS signal jammers can block the transmission and reception of signals from GPS trackers by emitting radio frequencies that match the GPS tracker's frequency. This means that the GPS tracker will not be able to transmit and receive accurate GPS signals, so it will not be able to get the correct location information to determine where it is.

Where to use GPS scramblers in your life

With GPS systems and trackers, it has never been easier for fleet managers to track drivers, understand how fast they are driving and track their routes. But the constant surveillance gives drivers no freedom and privacy, so it is often used in cars that are often used by long-distance truck drivers.

On the other hand, GPS scrambler play a very important role in protecting important people or important goods from being located and tracked, which can help security workers avoid being precisely attacked by illegal elements. Greatly improve security.

Finally, it is also often used by people who pay more attention to personal privacy. It can avoid a lot of trouble, such as celebrities preventing paparazzi stalking; divorce victims being stalked by private detectives...