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12 Dec. 2022 Andrew

Powerful UAV signal jammer could protect airports from drone attacks

Powerful UAV signal jammer

Today, drone technology is becoming more and more advanced. UAVs are also moving from military to civilian use, appearing more and more frequently in our lives. Advanced technology has brought a lot of convenience to people. Many consumers use drones for drone surveying and photography, bringing more color to life. But there are also bad guys who use it for illegal purposes and cause a lot of trouble for people and police. This is also one of the reasons for the generation of UAV signal jammers.

How to jam unauthorized drones? Jammermfg has developed a variety of drone jamming devices suitable for various scenarios to prevent drone blackflying or drone attacks.

Where you use your drone matters. If you don't think about whether the time is right, is the place right? Peek into other people's lives and take pictures. and publish it online as a threat tool. This is all illegal. UAV signal jammer can solve common drones in daily life and protect our privacy and personal safety.

An unidentified drone rapidly approaching Le Bourget airport on the screen on July 14? The plane that took off was forced to ground. To combat this threat and similar incidents, a growing number of companies offer signal jammers, interceptor nets and even drone-to-drone.

In December, London Gatwick Airport was paralyzed for 36 hours due to drone reports. Heathrow (London) and Newark (New York) in January, Dubai and Dublin in February, or Frankfurt in early May were also affected to varying degrees.

Some batteries "could explode," explained AFP Thomas Gueudet, commercial director of anti-drone specialist CerbAir. If a drone is sucked into an aircraft engine without malice, the consequences could be disastrous. "Therefore, drone flights must be banned around airports".

The challenges range from identifying attacks to responding to them. Drone or Bird?

For DroneVolt CEO Olivier Gualdoni, the future lies in "autonomous flying" drones powered by artificial intelligence. They make pilot identification more difficult.

Next comes the tricky interception problem. Drone jammers are problematic in an airport environment, Gualdoni said.

"They cover everything up. There may be communications between the airport, the control tower and the aircraft, even through phones and remote controls."

Either way, the airport counter-drone market is "by far the largest counter-drone market," MarkusWolf said. "But it's also not the easiest to build because we don't yet have models for such systems that would have to be worn by, say, air traffic control, airport operators, airport owners, and police."

European legislation on the use of drones will come into force in July 2020, and according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), the legislation was published in mid-June and calls for a "harmonization of the European legal framework". .

In particular, "the obligation to equip drones with drone jamming devices at airports would be a huge step forward in traffic management," comments Thomas Gueudet.