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12 Nov. 2022 Andrew

NTB police ready to clear wild drones during 2022 WSBK Mandalika race

drone jammer was used during 2022 WSBK Mandalika race

During the 2022 WSBK Mandalika, no drones or drones are allowed on the Mandalika track.

Inadvertently taking pictures or videos can violate copyright and endanger drivers and facilities at Mandalica.

To predict wild drones, the National Police Headquarters assisted NTB police in forcibly lowering the drones using drone signal jammer.

"We have prepared two anti-drone teams to predict illegal drones," NTB police public relations chief Kombes Pol Artanto said on Friday (November 11, 2022).

In more detail, Artanto has several procedures for shooting down wild drones.

The first and second drones are forcibly downgraded, and the drones will be downgraded to their owners.

"We send it to the owner. How do we do that? There will be information about the drone jammer, about the coordinates of the drone owner," Artanto said.

If it is still naughty, three or four times at most, the drone will be taken down in another place.

At that point, the drone will be forcibly confiscated by the police to avoid repeat offenses.

"We'll give its owner a warning by lowering the drone. If it's still naughty, we'll take it down," Artanto said.

Therefore, Artanto urges the public not to lift drones at will to avoid unwanted things happening.

As previously reported, the drone jammer was imported from the National Police Headquarters to the Mandalica Tour to prevent illegal drones.