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29 Dec. 2022 Andrew

The RF Jammer Grenade: Block Remote IED Detonators and Bombs

Portable radio frequency jammer

Recently, an Israeli company unveiled a unique radio frequency jammer, a device shaped like a grenade known as the Portable Jammer Pack, or PJP. The PJP is designed to block the signal of radio-inductive detonators, not only professional radio-detonated bombs, but also Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). It is specially designed for the military and police to deal with terrorist attacks.

This portable RF jammer pack uses a tiny solid-state antenna in the shell of a grenade and is covered in rubber to protect against bumps, drops, and damage. This PJP grenade is easy to use: pull the safety pin (just like a regular grenade) and throw it at the object you want to secure. The device's jamming signal can interfere with the remote controls and detonators of IEDs and professional radio bombs. Additionally, grenades can be preprogrammed by military technicians to jam predetermined frequencies, such as B. enemy radio communications and the frequency bands they use to activate IEDs. They can connect the portable radio jammer to their laptop and get the job done.

RF jammer pack on hand

Due to its quiet operation and small size, it is difficult for enemies to spot the PJP on the battlefield. As long as the PJP's battery is fully discharged within 30 minutes of continuous use, there are also special cooling elements that protect all the electronic parts of the device from overheating. If all goes well, soldiers can find the grenade after the battle, recharge it and use it on their next mission.

There are many buildings, cars and other objects on the battlefield, and the safety is doubtful. However, when a soldier has a PJP in his hand, he simply pulls out the safety pin and throws his portable radio jammer at the suspicious location he wishes to protect. The device's small size and power output are actually good in many situations, as it won't interfere with a soldier's communications system, and the PJP can be thrown into a corner or window of a house he wants to protect. This device is also great for demolition work as it is durable and useless. Despite its small size, the PJP is not as light as you might think - 1.1kg. It's still much lighter than the lightest backpack jammers used for the same purpose.

As you can see, the technology of the radio frequency jammer industry is constantly evolving as it is widely used in modern battlefields and conflict zones. Devices such as handheld jammers can save lives (hundreds, if not thousands) in countries where soldiers are threatened by improvised explosive devices and remotely triggered bomb blasts. Since it is a combat ammunition and is intended for military use only, civilians do not have access to the latest military technology. However, if you are concerned about your personal safety from a possible terrorist attack here or there, you can use a simplified military jammer suitable for civilian use. It is also a portable device that you can take with you and use to protect yourself from potential IED threats wherever you are.