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White Hidden 10 Antenna 5G Mobile Phone Blocker jamming all WIFI signals

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  • DJ-106

This built-in 10-channel mobile phone blocker is made of white environmental protection material shell, the appearance is very simple and elegant, high-tech jamming technology combined with modern element design, the hidden effect is good, no one will regard it as a signal jammer. It is usually used in indoor environments such as examination rooms and offices to interfere with the latest 5G mobile phones and WIFI signals within a radius of 5-40 meters. Prevent the use of mobile phones to cheat and ensure the fairness and impartiality of the exam.


Optional Frequencies: 10 channels customized, such as 2G 3G 4G 5G WIFI GPS VHF UHF 315 433 868 MHz etc.
Interference range: 5-40 meters radius, depending on the actual environment
Size: 380*280*78mm
Weight: 2.72 kg
Output power: 5W per channel, 50W total
Antenna: Built-in high gain omnidirectional antenna
Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Working time: about 2-3 hours after fully charged
Working temperature: -20ºC~75ºC
Working humidity: 35~95%
Energy consumption: ≤100W
Power input: AC110V~240V DC12V

Key Feature:

* 10-channel mobile phone signal jammer
* Hidden appearance, built-in omnidirectional antenna
* Small size, saving space
* 100-150 square meters office large area coverage
* Original ic chip and PCBA board have long lifespan
* Cool the inside with radiator and cooling fan
* Car charger can be used directly in the car


* Widely used in schools, colleges, universities, training schools, etc.
* Some teams, government offices, international conferences
* Business meeting, building
* Parents prohibit children from playing virtual games on mobile phones and WiFi networks