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Best-Selling Portable Drone Blocker Sniper Rifle With Ultra-Long Jamming Distance

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  • WJ-01

This powerful Drone Blocker features a sleek Sniper Rifle shape and combines with high-energy jammer technology, making it one of the most popular drone jamming devices on the market. The maximum interference distance of the high-power model can reach 1000-2000M, especially for blocking the signal between the drone and the remote control, which can force the drone to land or return to flight in just ten seconds.

Product Highlights:

1. The surface of the handle is made of non-slip rubber, the shape conforms to the ergonomic design, easy to hold, portable and lightweight
2. UHF broadband shielding technology efficiently shields signals within 5s
3. Long-distance shielding distance: 1000-2000 meters for high power (1000 meters for frequency hopping machine), 300-1500 meters for low power (300-500 meters for frequency hopping machine)
4. Built-in lithium battery, built-in power adapter, can last for 45-90 minutes after being turned on, and can be used for one and a half hours after being fully charged (the more power, the shorter the use time), which is convenient for indoor and outdoor use
5. The remaining power indicator reminds you to prepare for charging in advance


According to your needs, we produce two kinds of drones with different powers, low power 25w, high power 60w, the specific frequencies are as follows.

Type A: Low power 25W

1.5G: 1580-1620MHz 40dBm
2.4G: 2400-2460MHz 40dBm
5.8G: 5720-5850MHz 37dBm

Type B: High power 60W

1.5G: 1580-1620MHz 43dBm
2.4G: 2400-2460MHz 43dBm
5.8G: 5720-5850MHz 43dBm

Weight: 5.1 kg
Shielding distance: 500-1000m (the greater the power, the farther the shielding distance is).
Frequency: GPSL1, Wifi 2.5G Wifi 5.8G
Battery: 24V 5A (can be equipped with a battery)
Working time: 45 - 90 Min. (the lower the power, the longer the time)
Power: high power 60W, low power 25W
Operating temperature: -22°C to +70°C
Warranty period: 1 year warranty service, lifetime technical support

Instructions for use

Force the drone to land:
1.5G: On
2.4G: On
5.8G: On

Force the drone back:
1.5G: Off
2.4G: Off
5.8G: On

Power Indicator

1. Press the soft key to check the remaining power
2. Green light: power
Insufficient 3. Red light: low battery

Package Lists:

1 x Drone jamming devices
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Manual


1. Since the antenna steering angle of the countermeasure device is 30° up and 15° down, please aim the countermeasure device at the target when using it.
2. The obstacle between the confrontation and the target affects the signal-to-noise ratio
3. The distance of ordinary drones is more than 1000 meters, and the distance of frequency-hopping drones is 500 meters.

Scope of application:

1. Government: prisons, courts, military, police, etc.
2. Infrastructure: gas stations, oil depots, gas stations, airports, etc.
3. Public places and major events: courts, sporting events, venues, etc.
4. Transportation: ports and shipping, yachts, etc.
5. Schools (such as examination rooms, libraries), theatres, churches, hospitals, etc.
6. VIP & Privacy Protection
7. Others