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Top desktop Wifi jammer

Top Desktop 2 Antennas Wifi jammer with large interference range

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  • DJ-02
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This DJ-02 desktop wifi jammer is specially designed for some large-area special places that need to prevent the leakage of WIFI signals. It can cover WiFi 2.4GHz(2.4-2.5GHz) and Wifi 5GHz(5.1-5.9GHz) in a radius of 500~1200 meters. The wireless signal blocker can create a wireless network restricted area for you, which can effectively prevent hackers from attacking through wireless networks or leaking commercial confidential information, etc.

It is worth mentioning that this high-performance Internet jammer with a total power of 30W is often used in confidential laboratories, private villas, star residences or government buildings and military compounds and other places that need to be kept secret. Therefore, this wifi blocker is also an ideal model to protect the network security, if you like it, make it yours today!

Key Features:

1. Simple plug-and-play design - install the antenna, then power on to get started.
2. A convenient power adjustment switch allows you to adjust the interference range.
3. 100% safe VSWR overprotection (isolator) for modular
4. Built-in cooling fans will keep the device cool for extended periods of non-stop use.
5. Dimensions: 410 x 235 x 95 mm
6. Weight: 10 kg

This unit is one of our top Wifi jammers with the widest coverage.