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Unique shape built-in 10-antenna portable signal jammer for GSM 3G 4G 5G mobile phones

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This is a newly listed portable Cell phone jammer. It adopts a stylish shape and can support 10 different interference frequency bands. It can not only interfere with GSM 3G 4G 5G mobile phone signals within 5-30 meters, but also interfere with WiFi, GPS signals, etc., with very powerful functions.

In addition, the sturdy and durable shell and the design of built-in 10 antennas are suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, the battery life is 1-2 hours.


* Small size, light weight, easy to carry
* The output power is higher than ordinary handheld jammers, 2W per channel
* Built-in 360° omnidirectional coverage, high gain, no blind spots
* Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, the battery life is longer up to 1 hour
* The shell is durable, dustproof and shockproof
* Simple design, suitable for various occasions
* The shielding distance can reach 5-30 meters, depending on the environment


Interference frequencies: GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, GPS signals, etc.
Interference range: 5-30m
Total power: 25W
Power per frequency band: 2-3W
Channel: 10 frequency bands
Power input: DV12V 5A
Battery: 6600mAh
Battery life: 1-2 h
Relative humidity: 35~85%
Working temperature: -40°C~55°C
Dimensions: 255*127*74mm
Weight: 1.2kg

Package Contents:

Portable cell phone jammer x 1
Charger x 1


* Offices, small and medium meeting rooms, seminars, libraries
* Movie theaters, places of worship, public places, concert halls, restaurants
* Various conference rooms of party and government organs and administrative institutions
* Troops and important confidential places, theaters, memorial halls, auditoriums
* Factories, mining camps, workshops, production lines, etc.


* After receiving the product, please fully charge the product before use
* After fully charged, turn on the device directly to use
* The jammer will start working within 3-5 seconds
* The actual interference distance depends on the signal strength around the local area. The weaker the local signal strength, the farther the interference will be effective.
* It is normal for the equipment to work for a long time, and the temperature will rise as the equipment heats up.