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High Performance Cell Phone Isolator 4G Cellular signal blocker Buy Wifi jamming device 8 high-gain antennas GPS interrupter Professional High Performance 4G Cellular signal blocker with 8 Bands

Professional High Performance 4G Cellular signal blocker with 8 Bands

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  • DJ-087

This DJ-087 Cell jamming device is a professional high-performance 4G Cell phone isolator, at the same time, it is also a WiFi GPS signal blocker. It has 8 high-gain antennas and 7 cooling fans, which bring us strong interference ability and quickly take away excess heat, without worrying about overheating, and easily achieve 24h/7 continuous work. The most powerful is that its jamming distance can be as high as 150M, and it can also defend against drones within a range of 500M.


1. The total output power is 170W, and you can choose 5-7dbi OMNI or high-gain flat panel directional antenna with shielding 50-150m. It still depends on the signal strength in a given area.

2. Each device can interfere with up to 6 bands at the same time, each band is independent and has adjustable power from max to off (0), LED indicators show the power.

3. 100% safe VSWR overprotection (isolator) per module.

4. Good cooling system with radiator on top and 3 big fans + 4 small internals, low noise, non-stop work


Wi-Fi 2.4G: 2400 - 2500MHz
Wi-Fi 5.8G: 5725 - 5850MHz
GSM: 925 - 960MHz
Lojack: 167 - 175MHz
3G: 2110 - 2170MHz
4G: (2345-2400MHz / 2620-2690MHz)
GPS L1: 1500 - 1600MHz
GPS L2: 1220 - 1230 MHz
GPS L5: 1170 - 1180 MHz

Output Power: 160W - 180W total, 10 - 25W per band
Congestion radius: 50-150m (500m for GPS signal)
Power supply: AC110-240V to DC27V cooling
System: high-efficiency aluminum alloy radiator + 7X fan
Working hours: non-stop working
Product Dimensions: 550 x 238 x 60 mm (without antenna)
Product weight: about 10kg (for common OMNI antenna)
Warranty: 1 year

Package Contents:

Mobile signal isolator*1
AC charger*1