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High Quality Cell Phone blocker and Wifi GPS Jamming device for Indoor Use

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  • DJ-085

New low-noise design high-quality desktop mobile phone scrambler, 25W-30W per channel, wide coverage, can block GSM, 3G, 4G, 2.4G WiFi, GPS signals with a radius of 60-150M. In addition, the machine has 11 built-in cooling fans and a good cooling system to ensure the stable and uninterrupted work of the host. It is a top indoor jammer. It is especially suitable for privacy and security in large-scale places such as high-end villas or private clubs.

1. Wide coverage, shielding all GSM, 3G, 4G, 2.4G WiFi and GPS signals.
2. High-power signal jammer, each output power is up to 25W.
3. Good cooling system with 11 fans inside.
4. There are 4 temperature-controlled fans on the host, and the fans will not work immediately when the jammer is activated. When the surface temperature of the host rises to 50°C, the temperature-controlled fan will automatically start to ensure stable operation of the jammer.
5. Low noise.
6. Each individual frequency band can be set or turned off without affecting the operation of other frequency bands.
7. Continuous work.
8. Stable ability.
9. This cell jammer cannot be used directly on the vehicle. If you want to use the jammer on your vehicle, you can choose to assign a 24V, 35A battery (contact us for details).


CDMA 850–894 MHz
GSM 925-960MHz
DCS/PCS 1805-1990MHz
3G 2110-2170MHz
WIFI2.4G 2400-2500MHz
GPS 1570-1580MHz
4G LTE 790–826 MHz oder 725–770 MHz
4G WIMAX 222345–2690 MHz oder 2400 MHz

You can choose the above 8 frequency bands according to your needs. By default, we send different frequency bands according to different countries.
Optional frequencies: 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 1170-1280MHz, 1370-1390MHz, 5100-5680MHz, 5680-5900MHz, 3400-3600MHz, 3600-3800MHz.

Power supply: power adapter (AC110V220V-DC24V)
Shielding radius: (60-150) meters at -75dBm, still depends on the signal strength in a certain area.
Antenna parameters: omnidirectional antenna, gain: 5 dBi.
Total output power: 210W
Net weight: 12 kg
Total weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: (L, W, H) 520 x 310 x 90 mm
Warranty period: one year from the date of delivery.

Package Contents:

Multifunctional Cell Phone Jamming device x 1
Power Adapter x 1
Antenna x 8

*Note* This Cell phone Jammer does not cover the 5G signal that is widely used in some areas. If you need a Fixed 5G phone jammer device, pls see Upgrades DJ-121 5G Jamming device.