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Powerful Desktop 4 Antennas Cell Phone Jamming Device with External Cooling Fan

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  • DJ-042

Whether in a private place, company, school or movie theater... This high-performance mobile phone jamming device can give you the best signal shielding protection, allowing you to avoid privacy leakage.

This professional desktop high-power jammer is equipped with 4 external omnidirectional antennas, which can interfere with mobile phones/Wi-Fi/GPS within a radius of 50-150m individually/simultaneously. In addition, there are other tuning options or tunings depending on the interference band you need. A well-configured cooling system allows you to use it continuously for a long time, 24/7 for the best protection for your privacy or security.

In addition, its operation and use are also very simple. After receiving it, install the antenna, turn on the power supply, and wait for a while, and you will find that the frequency you need to shield has disappeared...


850-895MHz: 25W CDMA
920–960MHz: 25W GSM
1800-2000MHz: 15W GSM 1800, GSM 1900
2100-2170MHz: 15W 3G
Total: 80 watts

920-960MHz: 25W GSM900
1800-1880MHz: 15W PCS GSM 1800
2100-2170MHz :15W 3G
2620-2690MHz: 8W 4G 2600
Total: 63 W

850–895 MHz: 25W CDMA (920–965MHz: 25W GSM )
1920-1990 MHz: 15W GSM1900(1800-1880MHz: 15W GSM1800)
2100-2170MHz: 15W 3G
2400–2500 MHz: 10W 4G LTE/WiFi 2.4G
Total: 65 W

850–895 MHz: 25W CDMA (920–965MHz: 25W GSM )
1920-1990 MHz: 15W GSM1900(1800-1880MHz: 15W GSM1800)
2100-2170MHz: 15W 3G
1520-1670 MHz: 10W GPS L1
Total: 65 watts

GPS L2 L3 L4 L5: 10 W,
VHF: 130-180 MHz: 20 W,
UHF: 420-480 MHz: 20 W,
4G: 2620-2690 MHz: 8 W,
LoJack: 173 MHz: 20 W,
4G LTE (US Phone): 700-800 MHz: 20W

The output power of each frequency band/channel is adjustable, VSWR over protection;
Power supply: AC110 or 220-240V /DC 27V;
Working hours: unlimited time, can keep working continuously for a long time;
Antenna: External omnidirectional 350mm or 500mm long or directional patch panel antenna;
Jamming range: radius 50~150 meters (-75dBm@omnidirectional antenna);
Dimensions: 350 x 190 x 60mm;
Weight: 8kg;
Warranty period: 1 year.

Package Contents:

1 x High Power Cell Phone Jammer
1 x AC Charger
4 x Antennas


Important note about signal-to-noise ratio: The signal-to-noise ratio mentioned on the website is for customer reference only. The actual interference distance will vary depending on the signal strength, where it is used, whether it is fully charged, etc.