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Cheap Desktop 6 Antennas Cell Phone Jammers blocking GPS Lojack

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  • DJ-06
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This is a desktop Cell Phone Jammers with 6 antennas, suitable for indoor fixed location use, just like a wifi router, it can block use by transmitting CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, 4G, LOJACK and GPS signals communication equipment at these frequencies. The most important thing is that this powerful signal jammer has a good cooling system inside with fans, blockers, etc. and maintains the normal temperature of the machine. As long as power is supplied to it, it can work uninterrupted, providing a stable and reliable signal exclusion zone.

It is especially widely used in places such as home, company meeting rooms, school classrooms or examination rooms. According to the test, the maximum interference range of this affordable 15W fixed interference device can reach 40M, which can cover almost most places. If you have signal interference needs, this is a good choice.

– Built-in fan with ventilation slots provides cooling for 7/24/365 non-stop operation
– 5 - 40 m interference radius, depending on signal strength in a given area
– External omni-directional antenna for all TX frequencies covered by link only
– 15W output power Warranty: 1 year
– 1 year lifetime warranty
– Dimensions: 305 x 140 x 51 mm
– Weight: 2.8 kg
– AC charger (included)
– Car charger (included)

*Note* This Cell phone Jammer does not cover the 5G signal that is widely used in some areas. If you need a Fixed 5G phone jammer device, pls see DJ-22 Desktop 5G Jammer.