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J1H-G Cheap Compact Covert GPS Jammer

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  • J1H-G
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This convenient device allows you to completely block GPS signals within a 5 to 10-meter radius. Despite its compact size, it can fit in your pocket, glove compartment, hand, or any other location. Its small size and single antenna do not hinder its ability to effectively jam GPS signals over a considerable distance. Weighing just 93 grams and featuring a single power button, it ensures you disappear from the screens of those who might track you or your vehicle using GPS.

When fully charged from the mains or a car's cigarette lighter, this jammer operates at full power for up to 2 hours without needing additional recharging. Additionally, this Cheap Car GPS Jammer can function and charge simultaneously from a 220V outlet or a cigarette lighter (both chargers are included).

Technical Specifications:

1) Impact Range: GPS, Operating Frequency: 1560~1580MHz, Range: 5~10m

2) Rechargeable: AC 110V~220V

3) Power: built-in battery 3.7V/700mAh

4) Dimensions: 105x45x19mm, Weight: 93g

Key Features:

  • 1.Compact and lightweight design, easy to use
  • 2.Effectively blocks GPS signals
  • 3.Only interferes with mobile phone signals without affecting other electronic devices
  • 4.Slow startup circuit prevents sparks from mechanical switches