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LCD USB Hidden Anti-Tracking GPS Jammer Location Spoofing

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The GPUSB Jammer disrupts GPS and Glonass satellite signals. Designed to resemble a flash drive, it operates only when powered via USB or mini USB.

Shaped like a USB stick, its dimensions are 65 x 20 x 10 mm. When connected to a portable power source, it can be utilized outdoors or in a vehicle.

Its additional uses include avoiding work responsibilities, combating cheating, dealing with infidelity, and navigating divorce situations. By blocking your smartphone's GPS, it enables location spoofing, making it hard for others to track you.

This can be especially beneficial for sellers or those contemplating cheating or having an affair, depending on its usage.

With a location spoofing device, you can set your location to home and then go out.

Technical Specifications:

Operating Frequency Range: GPS L1 1570-1580MHz, GPS L2 1217-1237MHz [Of course, it also applies to all GLONASS and BeiDou signals]
Functions: Can be used for GPS navigation and positioning tracking
Effective Range: 3-5 meters (blocking radius) ( Some stores boast that the interference distance can reach 15 meters )
Operating Temperature: -30 to 60 degrees Celsius
Relative Humidity: 5-95%
Storage Temperature: -50 to 60 degrees Celsius
Weight: 50g
Dimensions: 65 x 20 x 10 mm
Power Supply: DC 3.7-6V
Power Port Support: Compatible with mobile charging, PC, USB port, and other sources without mobile power supply.

Does not impact the operation of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

How to Use the Jammer:

1.Connect the device to any power source using a mini USB or USB connector.

2.The jammer will automatically activate. It may take up to 30 seconds after connecting to the power source to start generating interference.

Operating Principle of the Jammer:

The USB GPS signal jammer disrupts signals in the GPS L1, L2, and GLONASS frequency ranges. As a result, all devices within the jammer's range stop receiving satellite signals and lose their ability to navigate. This affects vehicle tracking systems, trackers, GPS and Glonass beacons, car navigators, and any other devices that rely on satellite signals.

Scope of delivery:

USB GPS Signal Jammer*1
Container for storing and transporting the suppressor*1
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