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4-bands built-in antenna jammer GPS signal anti-positioning car Jammer cheap GSM Jammer CM4 Box Signal Jamming Device

CM4 CDMA GSM GPS anti-tracking car blocker with 4 integrated antennas

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  • CM4
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The affordable price of the new cheap GPS signal anti-positioning car Jammer makes it accessible to a wide range of users looking to improve the security of their vehicles without breaking the bank. Despite its low cost, this device offers reliable protection against unauthorized tracking and surveillance attempts, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals and businesses.

CM4 goes beyond conventional jamming devices by specifically targeting CDMA GSM, GPSL1 and GPSL2 signals. This targeted approach ensures complete coverage against tracking attempts, effectively thwarting unauthorized surveillance.

Equipped with four integrated antennas, the CM4 maximizes signal disruption, rendering tracking devices ineffective. By broadcasting jamming signals on multiple frequencies, it creates a privacy shield around vehicles.

Technical Specifications:

CDMA: 850-895 MHz, with an output power of 30dBm and a minimum bandwidth of 30KHz.
GSM/DCS/PCS: 1800 - 2000 MHz, with an output power of 30dBm and a minimum bandwidth of 30KHz.
GPSL1: 1550-1620 MHz, with an output power of 30dBm and a minimum bandwidth of 30KHz.
GPSL2( Beidou ): 1200-1300 MHz, with an output power of 30dBm and a minimum bandwidth of 30KHz.

Power supply: compatible with AC110 ~ 240V at 50/60 MHz.
Built-in Battery: Equipped with 12V 4Ah battery for portable use.
Reference Distance: Effective blocking distance varies from 10 to 15 meters (Depends on local signal strength)
Power consumption: operates with a power consumption of 20W.
Weight and dimensions: weighs 0.5 kg and dimensions 215*43*90mm (L*W*D).


  • 1.Robust Design: Each unit delivers a high power output of 1W, with a combined total power reaching up to 4W.
  • 2.Built-in Omnidirectional Antenna: The integrated antenna ensures complete shielding coverage, with signals emanating from the center and extending outward in a circular pattern, gradually weakening with distance.
  • 3.Efficient Cooling System: Equipped with convection ventilation holes, a built-in heatsink, and a fan to prevent localized heat build-up, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and consistent performance.
  • 4.Portable Power Source: Features a built-in 12V 4Ah lithium battery for convenient power access on the go, and supports car charging for extended use.