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High Power 3G Frequency jammer Cellular signal Blocker Adjustable Mobile phone jamming device

Adjustable 5 Band Desktop GSM 3G Cellular jammer with Shielding 100M Range

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  • DJ-052
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This is an adjustable power GSM 3G Frequency jammer that allows users to control the output power of each frequency band and adjust the jamming radius according to individual needs. This high-performance 3G signal jammer can also shield mobile phone signals such as CDMA/DCS/PCS/GSM/3G individually or simultaneously, with an excellent cooling system, it can work continuously throughout the year without generating high temperature, and the interference performance is very remarkable.

In addition, the desktop design of the 3G signal blocker is equipped with a high output power of 70W, which can block mobile phone signals with a maximum shielding radius of 100 meters according to the signal strength of the area of ​​use.


Shield radius: (20-100) meters at -75dBm still depends on signal strength in a given area.
Total output power: 70W
Antenna: omnidirectional antenna
Weight: 13.0 kg
Size: 340*130*270 mm
Warranty period: 1 year

Jamming frequencies:



Ideal for labs, meeting rooms, museums, theaters, restaurants, concert halls, classrooms, training centers and churches.

Package Contents:

1 x High Power Cellular Jammer
1 x Power Charger
5 x Antennas